PS4 Release Date and Price

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Are you wondering when the PS4 release date will be announced and what the PS4 price is going to be?  Then you have come to the right place.  You can bet that Sony’s PlayStation4 release date will be in time for the 2013 holidays. After all who wouldn’t want to play with connected, dynamic gaming, powerful speed and graphics, deeply integrated social capabilities, intelligent personalization, and innovative second-screen features?   Don’t we all want the latest games and technology?

Sony has confirmed a few day one titles, like Warframe, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Drive Club. Sony said that the PlayStation 4 has 30 announced exclusives, 20 of which will launch within the first year. Twelve of those are entirely new IPs. Sony spokespeople at E3 said that there are 140 PS4 titles in development total, 100 of which will be released in the first year.

The Play Station 4 combines immersive gaming experiences, unparalleled content, PlayStation exclusives, and your favorite digital entertainment apps.  PS4 is designed for gamers, and enables the best game developers in the world to and push the boundaries of play and unlock their creativity through a system that is designed explicitly to their needs.

Sony PS4: ControllerPS4 Release Date and Price

The controller itself is reassuringly weighty and sturdy in the palm compared to the DualShock 3.  Another fascinating fact is that just when Sony’s design got a bit heftier, the Xbox One controller has slimmed down. The Sony controller is not bulky.  In fact, it is the sleek design and textured coating on both the dual sticks and the base that helps grip.

Although the dual sticks are stiffer than the PS3′s, they are more accurate after a little bit of use. The triggers are now truly trigger-like, and since they are placed close to the shoulder buttons, this aids in quick changes.

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Sony PS4: Touch panel

The PS4 central touch panel takes a bit of getting used to because the Start and Select to options are gone.  However as you spend more time using the touch panel, you begin to realize just how awesome and exciting the panel is.  In fact, the touch panel offers gamers a new input method with its’ multi-finger touch capabilities.  Just imagine what you will be able to do with more precise and detailed movements and gesture based controls at your finger tips.


Sony PS4: Camera (sold separately)

The PS4 will beps4 camera paired with a new dual-camera peripheral that will enhance the console’s gaming abilities.  Since the Playstation4 focal point is the gamer, the dual-camera is designed to work alongside the DualShock 4 controller to provide more natural gaming experiences.

Tracking the 3D position of the DualShock 4 PS4 controller, the new stereo camera will communicate with the light bar attached to the top of the re-imagined controller, offering a combination of the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move.

The resolution is decent if nothing too scary – it doesn’t track your expression or engagement, but it can tell if you’ve covered your eyes! It will also set your head on fire – virtually, at least – in that AR style that Reality Fighters and its Vita brethren did.

Sony PS4: Verdict

Although it is too early to say, the controller and the implementation of new technology are a sign of great things to come. The DualShock 4 is undeniably an improvement and is more comfortable in the hand.  It comes with enough bells and whistles to see it through years of innovation.

The PlayStation Camera is fun and clever.  Sony did remove the camera from the console package to keep the price low, which makes financial sense.

The potential for new games, in terms of graphical output, is clear, and is already being exploited to a greater degree outside the PlayStation camp, while the nifty companion app hints at greater connectivity than we first suspected.

Sony PS4 release date: November 2013

Sony PlayStation4 price: $399 retail and up

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